How to set the J type PIN

About the TSA keyhole

There is no key for the number lock. Please unlock the number lock with your PIN. The keyhole is set for customs inspection purposes. 
Please rest assured that only the special key held by customs staff can open it.

How to set your PIN

LDUVIN Official / High Quality Suitcase | J Type How to Set PIN

① The initial setting is 000. First, set the dial to 000.
(2) Push the button (1) with a "tool with a sharp tip" such as a screwdriver.
③ Set a new number while turning the dial.
④ When you have finished setting the number, please press the button ②.
*If you forget your PIN, you can only open with the set number. The only way to unlock it is to match the numbers from 000 to 999 one by one, so please be careful not to forget the set number.