1. How to care for materials

LDUVIN 公式 / 高品質 スーツケース|主なる素材のお手入れ方法 LDUVIN 公式 / 高品質 スーツケース|主なる素材のお手入れ方法


Aluminum alloy suitcases are relatively resistant to scratches and stains, but they require regular maintenance.

Wipe off dirt on the surface with a soft cloth moistened with neutral detergent .

Scratches can be polished using a commercially available aluminum polish. However, be careful not to use too much force as this may cause deep scratches.

When storing, select a place with low humidity and away from direct sunlight.

*Despite their high hardness, aluminum alloy suitcases may dent under strong pressure or impact

When checking in luggage at an airline, we ask that you put on a suitcase cover and label it with care .


Polycarbonate suitcases are lightweight and durable, but they are easily scratched and require regular maintenance.

• Wipe off dirt with lukewarm water containing a neutral detergent, and then wipe off moisture with a soft cloth.
• Scratches can be difficult to remove completely, but can be reduced with a commercially available polishing agent for polycarbonate.
• When storing, select a place with low humidity and no direct sunlight.

ABS resin

Suitcases made of ABS resin are lightweight and cost-effective, but they require regular maintenance to extend their lifespan.

• Wipe off dirt with a soft cloth moistened with neutral detergent. If it is very dirty, it can be washed with warm water.
• Scratches can be minimized with ABS resin abrasives, but don't expect complete removal.
• When storing, select a place with low humidity and no direct sunlight.

*Suitcases made of any material must be handled appropriately.
In order to preserve the aesthetics of your suitcase and extend its service life, LDUVIN offers a special suitcase cover.
By using a special cover, you can prevent scratches and stains and keep your suitcase beautiful for a longer time. Please use the special cover for your suitcase.

2. Notes and Tips for Vehicles

LDUVIN 公式 /お客様の満足度を最優先に考え、快適な旅行をサポートするために努力を惜しまず取り組んでいます。 LDUVIN 公式 /お客様の満足度を最優先に考え、快適な旅行をサポートするために努力を惜しまず取り組んでいます。

Airport precautions and tips

Do not put liquids or metal products in your carry-on luggage, and place them in your checked luggage to facilitate a smooth security check.
Attach a unique tag or ribbon to your suitcase to help distinguish it from other suitcases. This helps prevent confusion at the baggage claim area.
We recommend using the lock on the main unit or the TSA lock for your suitcase. This allows security inspections at airports in some countries, including the United States, to be inspected without the key being destroyed.

Shinkansen precautions and tips

Shinkansen has a size limit for carry-on luggage. Basically, the total height, width, and depth of each item is within 250cm, and the weight is within 30kg. It's advisable to check in advance.
Shinkansen trains have limited space for large luggage, so bringing large suitcases can be challenging during busy times. If possible, consider alternative arrangements for large packages.
Please be considerate of other passengers when placing suitcases in the luggage racks in front of or behind your seat. Also, it is important to secure the suitcase firmly so that it does not fall.

Thank you for your continued patronage of LDUVIN.
LDUVIN gives top priority to customer satisfaction and will continue to make efforts to support comfortable travel.