The appeal of aluminum alloy suitcases




The robust aluminum alloy construction provides high protection against vandalism from knives and sharp objects, is resistant to corrosion, and does not rust even when exposed to moisture. This allows the suitcase to maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time. However, it is sometimes treated roughly by airports and shipping companies as "luggage". To protect the beautiful and stylish appearance from such situations, LDUVIN includes a special cover for the suitcase as a bonus. Please use it to enjoy your modern and sophisticated suitcase for a long time.


Reliable 180-day quality guarantee. If any malfunction occurs naturally during normal use within the warranty period, we will replace the parts or product free of charge.


Insurance and compensation

Because suitcases are treated as "luggage" by airports and shipping companies, they are sometimes handled roughly. Especially during international travel or at busy airports, accidents such as suitcases getting caught on conveyor belts are common, and they can be damaged in ways that would normally be unthinkable.

In consideration of our customers' interests, LDUVIN recommends the following measures:

  1. Use a suitcase cover: Covering your suitcase not only protects it from scratches and dirt, but also reduces the risk of external shocks.
  2. Take out insurance: By taking out travel insurance and baggage insurance, you can be compensated in the event of loss or damage.
  3. Check the airport's compensation procedures and procedures in advance : In the unlikely event that your suitcase is damaged, it will be easier to deal with the situation if you check the compensation procedures and necessary documents of each airport and shipping company in advance.

*Airlines will only compensate for repair costs for damaged luggage (suitcases) if a Damage Report is issued. The certificate is issued at the "baggage service counter" before passing through customs, so be sure to check your suitcase when you collect it.


Issuance of irreparable damage certificate

A Certificate of Unrepairable is an official document required to process a claim for damages caused to passenger baggage by an airline or airport ground staff. It is issued by the seller when the suitcase is deemed to be beyond repair due to damage.

*If you would like to issue a certificate of non-repairability , please contact us via the inquiry form .